Patents: VVV Specztehnika, ChP, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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VVV Specztehnika, ChP

Patents VVV Specztehnika, ChP

The enterprise manufactures dredges on own projects. Development of the special project and production of the equipment taking into account branch of production of the enterprise - the customer and/or a scope is possible.

Specialists of the enterprise train representatives of the enterprise - the customer in work on dredges for the purpose of the correct operation of the equipment, observance of technological norms and achievement of the maximum effect when developing soil.

All dredges are manufactured on the basis of the HCC 60-2000/23,3- projects, "The general specifications on mechanical engineering products" (OST 36-085086), "Rules of classification and construction of vessels of internal swimming of "The river register of Ukraine", "Rules of the device of electroinstallations", "Health regulations for inland vessels", "Uniform safety rules when developing mineral deposits in the open way" by PB03-498-02.

Models of dredges are developed taking into account the following factors:
environment in which the dredge is operated,
categories of soil,
development depths,
ranges of transportation and height of raising of soil,
power supply opportunities,
like the unit for absorption;
way of a gruntozabor;
way of transportation of soil;
control systems;
case designs;
the locations of the capital equipment (bilge or dredges with the shipped soil pumps);
the number of soil pumps (one - and two-pump dredges);
existence or absence onboard the dredge of inhabited and household rooms.

Dredges are intended for development of I-VI soil of category by the milling ripper, the hydroripper or free absorption and transportations of soil in the form of a pulp to the place of laying.

• soil I of category represents: 90 - The CONDENSED SAND, 10% - LOAM EASY
• category soil II: 60% - SAND, 40% - LOAM AVERAGE
• category III-IV soil: 70% - LOAM HEAVY, CLAY EASY; 30% - SAND
• category V-VI soil: 90% - CLAY HEAVY, CLAY AVERAGE; 10% - SAND

Externally the dredge represents the powerful pump and power units mounted on floating pontoons: four or two lateral pontoons (HCC 800/40, HCC 2000/63) or non-demountable bilge (HCC60/23 - HCC 800/40). On the main pontoon the gruntozaborny device, mechanisms of management, the cabin, the service equipment is mounted.

Dredges of the HCC 1600/25-3 and HCC 2000/63 brand can be equipped with inhabited and household rooms.
Productivity of dredges various - from 6 m ³ / hour to 450 m ³ / h on soil, depths of development from 0,5 to 5... 15 m from a water surface.

The onboard equipment modern - from power units to control measuring devices. The control of all mechanisms of these dredges is made from the cabin of a bagermeyster by means of the panel placed there.



patents VVV Specztehnika, ChP Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine